Monday, September 24, 2007

P.S... My dad is so ridiculously awesome.

The love of pirates is an inherited trait with me. My dad got me hooked on 'em at an extremely early age, and he still loves 'em as much as I do.

In addition his many musical and literary projects, he has also taken to playing with the liturgy of the Episcopal/Anglican church. One of his more recent creations? The Pirate Eucharist.

And guess what. The Archbishop of Canterbury - the HEAD of the Anglican and Episcopal churches - the "pope of the protestants" - a position held by such esteemed historical figures as St. Thomas a'Becket and St. Augustine - will be participating in my dad's service.

Read an article about it here.

My dad is so cool.


Allie said...

Hey there Chris! I just got this link to your blog - your stuff is great! Can't wait to hear how the Maryland thing goes... Keep in touch and no more visits to FL without dropping by our place!

Anonymous said...

speaking of pirates, check the sea shanties station on live365.com, Salt Music Vlieland.

I dig it when I'm working and it makes me think o' ye, swabbie.

--Jeremy (Brannon)