Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Few Pages, Inked

Well, two big bits of Crogan-related activity have occured.  The first is that I've undertaken inks on Loyalty.  Here are a few pages to give you a taste:

The second is that I've written the fourth Crogan book, Crogan's Escape.  Usually I don't get to writing until about six months or more after the previous book is finished, but this doing pencils first approach has been so trudging that it's given me the opportunity and inclination to do research during production, somethign I've not heretofore had time to do.  The story treatment (tight, but covering only the specific plot details) clocks in at thirteen pages - roughly the same as the last three books.  Hunter Wook-Jin Clark read it for me, and gave me a couple of things to think about and fix, but they're minor.  In my free time, I plan to continue doing design work and practice sketches, with the hope that I could, in theory, start pencils on Escape the day I finish inks on Loyalty.  I probably won't, of course - I tend to indulge in a day's vacation upon  completion of a large project - but I like the idea of having the option to work on through, should I be in a lather, or just wish to prove a point. Another note: If anyone is going to DragonCon,  I will be there!  I'll post my panel schedule in a day or two.  Also, don't forget that sketchbooks and original art can be purchased here.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Boat Studies

Sorry to have been so long betwen posts! I've finished the pencils for Crogan's Loyalty.  All of it.  Framing sequence and everything.  So I'll start inking next week.  Woo! Some notes:  I've posted a bunch of original art for sale.  In the past, it's been all pages.  Now it's drawings, too.  Check it out. Here are some sketches done in preparation for the next book.  I'm having a tough time coming up with the name of the boat.  I'll keep at it, but I may have a contest sometime down the road, if I can't think of one.