Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reed Gunther Pin-Up

I was asked by Chris Houghton a while back if I'd do a pin-up for his series Reed Gunther, and I jumped at the invitation. Reed Gunther - drawn by Chris and written by his brother, Shane - is an incredibly fun Western comic that has a lot of comedy, a lot of monsters, some great characters and some great art.  Each issue builds off the last, but the guys do a great job of making each one a genuinely satisfying reading experience by itself, which is always the first thing I look for in serialized comics, and something that far too few creators deliver.

 (Click on the image for larger version) This'll be part of the fourth issue.  While I (regrettably) won't be there, it's going to be available at San Diego Comic Con, and, I assume, through the Reed Gunther website, linked above. In other news, the research phase of Crogan's Loyalty is finished!  I mean, I will still do research and reading, but as of yesterday the writing has begun.  This is a great thing - I always love getting to the actual creation process, and while the research phase is of huge import I'm always glad to move to the next one.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Free Comic Book Day Crogan Story!

Anyone who didn't get a chance to go to Free Comic Book Day, don't worry - the Crogan Adventures story is up for reading in the "comics" gallery!

Click the Pic to read!