Monday, October 20, 2008

The book has shipped to the country!

At SPX a couple of weeks ago I finally saw the printed copy of my book! It sold well (we sold out of the 3 cases we had shipped in for the show) and it looks great - the paper quality is nice, the ink took well, the cover looks fantastic - I couldn't be happier with the production quality. 

The tan color will stay the same on each book, but the red will change - the next one is likely blue, one might be green, etc. Plus the spine picture will change each time. $14.99! The 29th date isn't going to happen because of early customs hold-ups, but it's on its way now and will be on shelves November 12th! The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy. A quick wrap up: • Got an amazing car from my grandmother - a 1990 Honda Accord wagon with only 30-something thousand miles on it. • Subterranean #1 came out with my Carl Barks story. • Officiated a wedding for my old friends Dusty Huber and Melissa Underwood (now Huber) in KY. • Drove to KY in second gear when our transmission sensor broke in the new car. • Paid lots and lots to have it fixed, but am happy because the mechanics went over every inch and can see no other foreseeable future car problems. • Took part in SCAD-Atlanta's 24-Hour art challenge where I wrote and pencilled a story but then decide to build an enviromental maquette of an overgrown gorilla temple rather than ink it. • Got to visit with Liz's mom and brother when they drove our car back to ATL for us. • Got the November issue of Nickelodeon magazine which has one of my cartoons in it (pick it up! It's got the "Madagascar" animals on the cover). • Sold a full-page comic to Nickelodeon that will be in some upcoming issue (I'll keep you posted). • Am planning for SCAD-Atlanta's Publisher's Forum this weekend, where we'll host James Lucas Jones from Oni, Axel Alonso from Marvel, and Chris Staros from Top Shelf. • Set up some signings for November - times will be posted in the "About" section soon. - November 22nd • Clarksville, TN • Borders - November 24th • Murray, KY • Murray State University • Lecture and Signing - November 29th • Hopkinsville, KY • Books on Main • Made it past the mid-term week of classes (the students are great), plus got my tentative teaching schedule for the next year and a half. • Have gotten really into maquette building. • Lost my keys in Washingtom, DC. That's the high points, I guess. Whew! I'll try to post more often (but I always say that).