Saturday, January 30, 2010

Full Cast Commission

I haven't been taking commissions for a while, because I'd been working on one, and don't cotton much to the idea of taking on new work before the old is delivered - it feels like the artistic equivalent of going into debt. Anyway, this one had been tricky, compositionally - it's all of the Crogan protagonists, and I finally got it sent off.  I liked the final drawing (the logo was drawn, as well) and may use it for something - a print, a coffee mug, I don't know. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Couple of Sketches

First off, thanks to all those who joined the Crogan Adventure Society!  With the exception of the handful who got e-mails from me earlier this week, all of your packets have been mailed off and should arrive to you by today (except maybe you Brits - not sure exactly how long it takes first class mail to get out your way). Back at HeroesCon, Guy Davis was nice enough to pass on a couple of his sketchbooks to me.  They were incredible.  I quickly started seeking out his work, of which I was already a big admirer, including all the B.P.R.D. trades I could get my mitts on.  I generally tend to avoid team books - to me its a rarity when there's a uniformity of artistic vision - but Davis, Acardi, and Stewart have it nailed.  These are some of the consistently best comics being made today, full of all sorts of the pulpy stuff I love.  It got me keen on the characters pretty quickly, and I did a few sketches of the characters.  Here's one, Captain Ben Daimo:

I've also been re-reading and re-watching my Sherlock Holmes books and movies, mostly as a result of all the brewhaha of the new film.  I'm extremely keen to see it, but haven't yet - trying to cut back on expenditures.  But here's a pic to keep me in good spirits 'til it gets to redbox: