Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Carl Barks (and some press stuff)

First off, here's a comic I did in September for Danger Park's wonderful anthology SUBTERRANEAN #1. Mine is but one of many truly excellent comics by folks like Falynn Koch, Kevin Burkhalter, Jarrett Williams, Jeremy Sorese, John Chad, and many more, including the excellent Danger Park guys themselves. If you see this comic at a show, GET IT! You won't regret it.

(note: this is bigger than my blog allows, so just right-click on the drawing and choose "view image." It'll open a new window with the drawing in it, and may require you to click it once to allow you to bring it to its regular size. Sorry for the hastle, but shrunk to the blog size you can't read the words!)

Also, go get some Carl Barks Uncle Scrooge comics. Right now.

Okay, that out of the way, I've been meaning to post some press stuff. Here it is:

Interview with Newarama, by Chris Arrant

Interview with the Temple of Cartoon Mojo by Nolan Woodard

Review on Read About Comics by Greg McElhatton

Review on Kleefeld on Comics by Sean Kleefeld

Review on Shazhmmm… by Hillary Brown & Garrett Martin

Plus there's a fairly lengthy review of Crogan's Vengeance on the SEQALAB podcast. It's episode #52, and it's from 46:20 until 56:20.
This one’s available either to listen to through the internet, or go to the itunes store and type in “seqalab.” It’s free, and you can download it and listen to it at your convenience. It's a fun podcast, and good for keeping up with comics news what our friends in Savannah are up to.

Next week I'll have a few more press things to put up (a couple more interviews), so feel free to check back!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Indiana Jones Sketch

The Temple of Cartoon Mojo's sketch challenge this upcoming week is Indiana Jones. How could I resist?

 Um, I can always use holiday money, so if anyone wants to buy the original (it's about 4.25" x 7.25"), shoot me an e-mail. It's $45, and that includes shipping. I really love this one, but if I keep it it'll end up in a stack of like thirty other drawings. Okay, now here are the details for the upcoming signings: • Saturday, November 22nd • Clarksville, TN • 2-4PM • BORDERS • Signing with Sketches • Monday, November 24th • Murray, KY • MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY • 4PM • Faulty Hall Room #208 Lecture: Higher Education & Making Comics: The Skills You Need And The Opportunity You Have to Hone Them Signing and Sketches to follow • Saturday, November 29th • Hopkinsville, KY • 3-6PM • BOOKS ON MAIN (in the front of Coffee, And...) • Signing with Sketches Falynn Koch came by SCAD today. Her stuff is great; check it out.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Couple of characters, those guys

A couple of cartoonist friends were visiting a couple of weeks ago, and I realized that I should snag their visages in order to design my comic-relief duo in the foreign legion book. Here are some sketches...

 ...and one actual drawing. Whether the design will tweak more before I actually hit pages, I can't say.

 The plot of the new book has been completely written out, and is fairly tight. I'll be revising it heavily over the next couple of weeks, in order to get it to where I can jump to pages as soon as the Winter Break begins. I still have to nail down a few character deigns, but I've got a good feeling overall. I also drew this fish-man. I read a few (my first) H.P. Lovecraft stories to get revved up for Thanksgiving, and I loved them, especially Call of Cthulhu and Shadow Over Insmouth, the latter of which prominently features some horrifying toadish fishmen. I've been sketching 'em like crazy ever since!