Monday, September 24, 2007

Back from the Top Shelf Warehouse; Tampa

Here's a close up of part of the poster I'm doing for 24-hour comics day.

Man! It's been a busy week. I need to be better about updating this...

A week ago me, Hunter, and Allen Spetnagel went to the Top Shelf warehouse to help publisher extraordinare Chris Staros with a big shipment of samplers. Top Shelf is a great publisher and was one of the big reasons I became a cartoonist; I'm sure many of my peers could say the same. We spent a big part of the day stuffing envelopes and packing boxes, etc. Afterwards Staros took us out to dinner and got heaping amounts of delicious Thai food. I'd never eaten Thai before, and loved it. I also got some books - Matt Kindt's 2 Sisters and SuperSpy, and Jeffrey Brown's The Incredible Changebots.

This weekend Liz and I went to Tampa, where I presided over the wedding of my sister Lindy and her now-husband Ryan.

• Me, Ryan, and Lindy at the wedding •

We had a great time, I got to swim in the ocean, we saw a fire-eater, etc.

• Liz and me on the Clearwater Pier •

Ryan's a great guy, and he and my sister seem to make each other very, very happy, so I'm very glad to welcome him into the family.

• Me and my lil' sister •

I also finished Regina Rich! Expect copies at SPX.

Tomorrow is my first "real" lecture with the Introduction to Sequential Art class. It's on character design. I'm expecting it to go well, but cross your fingers for me!


Alec Longstreth said...

The beard is looking good Chris. I think you'd give me a run for my money.

Good luck with your class tomorrow. I know you will do great!

Leigh Walton said...

Glad you could make it out, Chris, and thanks for the help. Enjoyed hanging out with you.

Chris Schweizer said...

It was great getting to see you again, too, Leigh. Can't wait to see the reading room.

Unknown said...

Awesome 24 hour poster design. Hope to see the whole thing soon.

Wish I could take the intro to Seq Art class! Would you consider sharing some notes?