Tuesday, June 22, 2010

JAM! Out tomorrow

Tomorrow sees the release of JAM! Tales from the World of Roller Derby. This is an antholgoy of stories written by Derby Girls and adapted by Comic Artists, and it's important to me because no less than four of my students have work in it.  Jackie Lewis (who is currently doing the art for a book called Play Ball, out sometime next year), Cara McGee (doing the art for a book called Confessions of a Virgin Sacrifice, also out next year), Erin Gladstone, and Falynn Koch all have art in this book, and for some of them it's their first professional publication.  I couldn't be prouder of them, and couldn't be happier that editor Jill Beaton recognized their talent and gave them an opportunity to showcase it.  These girls did a fantastic job, as usual, and it behooves you to swing by your local comic shop tomorrow and demand a copy, because YOU should know how awesome they are, too.  Also, Jeremy Sorese has a story, too.  He's not a student of mine, but he's a recent SCAD-Savannah grad, a great artist, and a swell fella. I've got a pin-up in there, as well - a rare chance to see my stuff in color in print, seeing as I'm such a B&W snob:

 I should also note that, while never having played Roller Derby (I am a fella, after all) there was a period in college where, for about 4 months, I only took off my skates to shower and, most of the time, to sleep.  Everywhere else - class, the cafeteria, Wal-Mart, the movies - I wore 'em.  I've also been in two fights that I can vividly remember while wearing skates (and there may have been more than that - I did grow up in Kentucky - but two are all I REMEMBER remember), so I feel a special kinship with those lades who don skates and dole out bruises.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Indiana Jones drawing

Drew Indiana Jones. No real reason; just felt like drawing Indiana Jones.

(click to see it bigger) I'm up to page 14 of pencils for Crogan's Loyalty. I'm gonna pencil the whole book this time and then ink it all in one fell swoop. I like varying up my process, see what works best.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Donald Glover as Spider-Man!

I read today about actor Donald Glover and his comments about how he’d like to be considered for the part of Peter Parker (Spider-Man, for anyone unfamiliar with the character). Personally, I think this is great – anyone who’s seen Community (one of the funniest shows on the air right now) is familiar with Glover’s dancer-like grace, charming screen presence, and excellent comic timing - all things that would really work well with Spider-Man. I’m of the school that good comedians make the best dramatists, and I’ve little doubt that he’d bring a whole lot to the role. There’ve been mentions back and forth about the merits and concerns of casting a black actor as a character heretofore depicted as white, and I’d not be offering anything new were I to delve into the matter. The only genuine concern that I can see is that kids fresh from the theater might pick up a comic and be disappointed, but really, won't that happen anyway? Hey-Oh! Anyway, I did a drawing of Glover as Spider-Man, because he’d be my first pick. I may never see it on the screen, but at least I can see it on my drawing board. 

HeroesCon Wrap-Up

HeroesCon was, as usual, a great show.  I love it because it's such a casual atmosphere, so laid back.  There's time to talk to everyone, to see everything, to catch dinner with a lot of folks... it's really a wonderful time.  Plus the Charlotte community is so incredibly kind and involved; we see a lot of hardcore comics fans at shows like this, but how often do you have casual readers swing by and bring a copy of a book that they picked up and enjoyed?  Shelton has done a wonderful job of making the show a great and inviting event for the community, and in doing so makes tabling all the more pleasurable on our end. Highlights - I got to have dinner with a great bunch of fellows, including Craig Fischer, Mike Rhode, Shannon Gallant, Chris Sparks, and one of my very favorite cartoonists, Richard Thompson.  The next day, I was lucky enough to snag this Cul-De-Sac original from him.  It was an extremely difficult choice, picking one, but I'm very happy with what I ended up getting:

 I also had a great time on the All-Ages panel, got to visit with the ever-charming Roger Langridge (and snag some of his gorgeous muppet art, this one featuring Fozzy Bear and Sherlock Holmes standing in front of a wall of photos of other muppets), and just had an all-around great time. Picking up stuff from Francesco Francavilla, Chris Samnee, Tom Fowler, and a few of the other Comic Twart guys at the show got me inspired.  I shouldn't say GOT me inspired.  The Comic Twart blog has BEEN inspiring me for weeks.  It's the reason I drew John Carter.  It's the reason I've been trying to use any down time doing various pinups and sketches.  You really should check it out. Anyway, their topic this week is Steve Bryant's Athena Voltaire character, so I thought I'd try my hand at it, too.  I did another snow peak drawing recently, and enjoyed it, so thought I'd try another. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

HeroesCon this weekend!

Hey, everybody! Sorry for the slowness of updating. I've done tons of sketches, and have had lots of news, but have not been able to find the time to put any up!

This weekend is HeroesCon, one of my favorite comic shows, which takes place in Charlotte, NC. In addition to tabling and doing sketches, I'll have a slew of new things to pick up - a numbered "Mummy" print (300 made), a John Carter print, an Innsmouth print, a sort-of-new mini-comic called "Robot Teenager Goes to a Barn Show," and lots of original art for sale. So come on out! It's a big year, with lots of great folks in attendance. In addition to Mike Mignola and Guy Davis, they've got folks like Kate Beaton, whose history comics shouldn't be missed, and a bunch of my students will be there, too. So if you're in the Charlotte area, come on out!

I'm also doing a talk at a panel called DEFECTIVE COMICS: a lovingly critical look at just how bizarre the superhero genre can be.  I'll be talking about Marvel's recent Strange Tales anthology and how it can be used to see how singular idiosyncratic creators can either be the best or worst thing to happen to mainstream titles, and Ben Towle is talking about the Superman character in Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan.  Craig Fischer will be moderating a panel with my favorite Marvel writer, Jeff Parker, along with Colleen Coover, Evan Dorkin, and Chris Pitzer. It's Saturday at 3pm.

Since supers have been on my mind lately, I did this picture of "my" lineup of the X-Men (meaning the lineup from when I was really into them, the Saturday Morning Fox Cartoon Lineup!)

The original (11 x 17) will be for sale at the show for $80, unless someone contacts me first.

Hope to see people there!  Remember, Crogan Adventure Society agents, bring your card and get a gift!