Sunday, September 16, 2007

Making more stuff for SPX...

Sorry it's been so very, very long since I last updated the blog. I've had a lot of stuff going on lately -- mostly it's been getting minis printed and assembled for SPX with Liz. I had a week of pretty much no drawing, but it worked out well - I've got twenty copies of Giovanni Potatoe and the Pizzas of Love, eighty portrait books, about a hundred Goodbye Beards, etc. Lots of fun stuff to sell and trade. I've also decided, since I'm so far ahead of what I expected to be, to redraw and color my 24-hour comic from last year. It'll be twenty-four pages, color. I knocked out these pages yesterday - consider it a sneak preview.

*edit: thanks to Sarah Case and Daniel Crawley for pointing out the typo - on page three "you" should be "your." I'm not gonna bother reuploading it here, but it will be fixed in the print edition. Thanks, guys!

I've also been doing a TON of color sketchbook drawings, but I lost my sketchbook on Friday, so no scans. I'm only cavalier about it because I expect it to turn up; I helped man the Sequential Art table at SCAD's major fair, and left it there. I didn't return until later, when everyone was gone and everything with them. I'm hoping one of the professors took it with them. I forgot to write my name in it anywhere, which was idiotic of me.

I'm currently assistant teaching my first class at SCAD - Introduction to Sequential Art. It seems like a good crop of students - four girls and a guy, which surprises me, considering the traditional gender inequity in the comics field. I'm also taking an advanced inking technique class with veteran inker Roy Richardson, and it's a really good class mix.

Aside from that, not a ton of new stuff. More portraits, new comic ideas, all sorts of fun stuff. Oh, and Liz and I are taking a surprise trip to Tampa on Friday!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

I can't believe those pages are from a 24 hour comic, it looks better than Lou Season and that took me over a year to do (off and on). Are you gonna have it as a full-color mini then??

I made some more changes to the Elephano story, it's now 16 pages!!! Hopefully I will get it done for SPX, see you there!


David Yoder

Chris Schweizer said...

Bear in mind that this isn't the 24 hour version. I drew that a year ago, and I'd like to think my artistic skills have somewhat improved. This IS still a for-fun piece - I'm not putting the same level of concern over panel composition and execution that I am with Crogan's -- so I'm knocking out the redraws pretty quick. And remember, you did Lou Season a while back, so you're at a different level now, I assume.

Can't wait to read the revised Elephano!

Anonymous said...

Always amazed at your work chris

Unknown said...

Wow. You lost your sketch book? I'd be frantic. I keep every thing I draw, doodle or blow my nose on that looks creative. I hope you find it. I like the comic.

Anonymous said...

you're welcome!! good luck at SPX!!!