Sunday, March 4, 2012

30 Rock/Star Wars

Newlywed HeroesCon staffers Heather and Seth Peaglar commissioned me to do a 30 Rock piece for them (Heather's gotten a couple of TV-based commissions from me now; she's the one who asked for a Community piece last year), and I just finished it. So here it is - 30 Rock/Star Wars!

Feel free to print these out and make your own popsicle-stick puppets! 

If you're a fan of both, maybe you can figure out who everyone is supposed to be. If you can't, that's probably a fault in my drawing. Whoops! Apologies for any characters that you'd like to have seen (Jonathon/Greedo, Don Geiss/the Emperor, etc) that I didn't end up doing. Anyway, I love 30 Rock, but don't feel the need to proselytize about it the way I do Community, because, well, everyone already watches (and loves) 30 Rock. If you're in the minority that doesn't, well, get on board, man! My commission plate is now free, and as I'm taking a trip to Toronto this weekend for the recording of the Crogan Adventures episodes for Decoder Ring Theatre's Summer Showcase (2013) and don't want to go too far in the hole with all those swanky Motel 6s (do they have those in Canada?) I figured that now might be a good time to offer up some commission openings! I'll take ten spots, ink and gray marker, 8 x 10", up to two characters per drawing, sixty bucks apiece. That includes shipping. Click below to do it, and DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE WHAT YOU WANT IN THE NOTES SECTION! Thanks, and use the button below if you want one.


Brian said...

Great stuff, Chris.

FYI, Scott Adsit is a big comic art fan. If you ever see him at a show, ask him to seek his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen sketchbook, it is amazing.