Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Star Wars Guys

Did some sketches of some Star Wars characters.  Not real star wars characters; characters I would make if I were doing a Star Wars thing. 

I think that the prequels killed the design sense of the Star Wars projects.  Everything is either surface (Darth Maul, the girl from clone wars, etc) or animation-oriented (those waspy guys from episode 2), and one of the things that made Star Wars so fun is that the aliens all looked like they could be guys in suits with big heads or long arms or what have you.  Plus, the Jedi all look the same, with the robes and stuff.  No fun.  If I did star wars stuff, I'd want to push the wonderful 70s aesthetic in regards to hair, clothes, etc.  Anyway, a few quick ones.


Sean Kleefeld said...

I whole-heartedly agree about the designs of the newer Star Wars pieces. But I'd also add that the "raw" element of the originals is also largely absent. Those X-Wings and the Falcon and everything looked banged up and used. All the prequel material looks as if it were designed on a computer and maybe a "damage" texture was added. The bars looked dark, but not seedy. Nothing had the texture that was present in the originals.

Plus, the stories don't make much sense. :)