Monday, November 22, 2010

Cowboy Silhouettes

I met Jimmy Palmiotti this weekend in Miami, and we were talking about historical accuracy, research etc. I knew he did Jonah Hex, but I didn't know that it was historically plausible, nor was I aware that each issue was a stand-alone story. This got me really excited. The reason that I don't read 99.5 percent of the big two floppies are because I don't want one segment of some long soap opera. When I read, I want a story. Now, I understand why DC doesn't advertise Jonah Hex this way - it'll turn off the majority of floppy buyers who DO want the long soap opera - but I'd have picked it up a long time ago had I known. There's an artist employed at least once whose work I just can't stand (I didn't pick up one of the trades as a result of his inclusion), but there's consistently amazing work by Jordi Bernet and the occasional story by Darwyn Cooke. There are a lot of artists whose work doesn't necessarily jump out at me, but it doesn't detract from the stories, either. Anyway, if you haven't given it a look, do so. It's a revolving line of artists, so if you don't see one that you like, try another. I picked up a couple and they put me in a cowboy mood, so I did a bunch of silhouettes on the plane.  I may use them to do some designs later. 


Odyzeus! said...


These are great (love the body language you capture with mere silhouetting -- your skill is almost Tothian in that regard) but whatever happened to the zoo sketches?

Chris Schweizer said...

I forgot about 'em! I did some of them as shorthand pencils with the intent to finish inking them (I rarely try this method, and wanted to see how it worked), and forgot to do so. I'll wrap 'em up and post them tomorrow.