Sunday, August 29, 2010

Website Overhaul!

Well, after a long time of wanting to, I've given my website a bit of an overhaul. It still has more or less the same setup, but the ugly colors are gone and now it has many more sections - a place to buy original art, links to interviews, teachers' resources (which are still in the works), drawings, f.a.q.s, etc. Check it out! The original art page I'm especially glad to have, as it will hopefully make it easier for folks to buy pages, and it'll be easier on ME as I won't have to go through portfolio after portfolio checking to see what I have on hand.

2 Things -

1. If you clack the "blog" link, you'll find that the banner at the top only serves to send you back to the main page. Working on this!
2. The text needs some kind of border/buffer on the side. I know it butts right up against the walls of the browser window. Working on this, too!

Anyway, check it out: The Curious Old Library (www.curiousoldlibrary.com)