Sunday, August 29, 2010



Okay, folks! I had an idea for a contest, so that you sharp-minded readers can prove your mettle of both noticing details AND having a good grasp of history. Here's the question:

Two of the characters in Crogan's March have met another Crogan, someone other than Peter.

1. Who did they meet?
2. Where did they meet him?
3. How do you know?
(i.e. show your work! I ain't countin' guesses, just deductions.)

You can deduce the answers from information contained in Crogan's March, if you're clever.

The first person to send me an e-mail with the correct answer (chris@curiousoldlibrary.com) wins a drawing of him or herself as a Legionnaire.  It's gotta be via e-mail, so that I can tell which ones I got first.


Unknown said...

Oh man this is pretty difficult! Are you going to post as soon as you get a correct answer?

Ender13 said...

I suppose I should abstain from the contest since you kind of mentioned it when I was in ATL...

I am curious to see if I remember correctly, however.

Jacob York said...

I just spent the last hour looking at my copy of March and can't figure it out. I have some guesses, but nothing even remotely concrete.

No one ever accused me of being clever.