Saturday, June 19, 2010

Indiana Jones drawing

Drew Indiana Jones. No real reason; just felt like drawing Indiana Jones.

(click to see it bigger) I'm up to page 14 of pencils for Crogan's Loyalty. I'm gonna pencil the whole book this time and then ink it all in one fell swoop. I like varying up my process, see what works best.


Brandon Padgett said...

I'd like to think I put the Indy bug in your ear at Heroes Con...and after seeing this I'm blown away! :)

Sandy said...

What do you like doing more, penciling or inking? Or do you go back and forth on what you like best?

Chris Schweizer said...

The penciling stage requires the most work with the smallest emotional payoff. The little victories - coming up with clever ways around certain problems, making a good storytelling decision - those come before, in the thumbnailing stage. The inking is fun, because it's where I can focus simply on the enjoyment of drawing, and favorite part of a project is the part where I finish it - I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing something through to completion. But the penciling, it's that rough part between points a and c, and I'm never happy with my pencils. It's where I'll see a lot of drawing problems that'll be easily fixed in the inks, but it's still supposed to look good, and doesn't (at least in my mind).

Doctor Fantastic said...

Great Indy, Chris-- I love all the jungle details!