Thursday, June 10, 2010

Donald Glover as Spider-Man!

I read today about actor Donald Glover and his comments about how he’d like to be considered for the part of Peter Parker (Spider-Man, for anyone unfamiliar with the character). Personally, I think this is great – anyone who’s seen Community (one of the funniest shows on the air right now) is familiar with Glover’s dancer-like grace, charming screen presence, and excellent comic timing - all things that would really work well with Spider-Man. I’m of the school that good comedians make the best dramatists, and I’ve little doubt that he’d bring a whole lot to the role. There’ve been mentions back and forth about the merits and concerns of casting a black actor as a character heretofore depicted as white, and I’d not be offering anything new were I to delve into the matter. The only genuine concern that I can see is that kids fresh from the theater might pick up a comic and be disappointed, but really, won't that happen anyway? Hey-Oh! Anyway, I did a drawing of Glover as Spider-Man, because he’d be my first pick. I may never see it on the screen, but at least I can see it on my drawing board. 


Anonymous said...

I don't see it being that big of a deal. I would like to see a transvestite Spider Man. Now THAT'S entertainment right there!

Hutzil said...

Well if they cast a big black guy for the King Pin in Daredevil who is suppose to be a fat white guy and make Nick Fury a black guy (the original he's white folks) then this shouldn't be too far fetched.

R. Ochoa said...

This is great, I can only cross my fingers that he could be considered.