Thursday, January 8, 2009

ISR Anthology story thumbnails

I'm doing seven pages for the upcoming ISR anthology Awesomer (available for preorder at the Top Shelf website). Aside from having a gorgeous cover by Bone cartoonist Jeff Smith, the book is gonna be chock full of work by some really great cartoonists. I've got my pages thumbed out pretty tightly (for me, anyway) and am gonna go to pencils as soon as I get the Japanese dialogue translated into characters. A friend of Hung Lee at SCAD has helped me with Japanese translation before, so I may beg for her brain again, but if anyone reading this is fluent in Japanese and capable of writing out the characters for me (which I'll subsequently rewrite in my own hand), I'll show my gratitude by giving a copy of Crogan's Vengeance, as well as an original page from this story. Any takers? There'd be about sixteen balloons worth. Anyway, here are the thumbnails for a few of the pages:


Cascade/Jordan said...

Haha, I've been to Japan...

See you in New York, probably Friday morning. Gonna have anything cool? I love my bookmark!

Bryan Wynia said...

Great stuff. I love these pages man! Keep rocking.