Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crogan's March character lineup

In my final prep lead-up to starting the pages of Crogan's March, I've done a Legion line-up. Designing the legionnaires has been a real pain because I'm a big proponent of shape-based character design, and by definition these guys unfortunately all have the same clothing, and it's very cumbersome clothing, at that - tall hats, triangular cloth, baggy pants, clunky coats - gotta tell ya, it was pretty tough trying to make some thirty-five characters look strikingly different while dressing the same. Anyhow, here's the complete lineup, which is a pretty tiny image when shrunk horizontally for the web:

 So to compensate, I'll show a few selections standing by themselves.
Okay, so in other news, I'll be in Savannah, GA this weekend, so if any of my Savannah friends want to get in touch with me, I'll be at Norris Hall most of Friday, from noon until sixish. Also, I still have my old Kentucky phone number, and have had it for years. Why is that relevant? Well, KY has been hit hard by ice storms (Liz's family, for example, is likely without power for the next week or more), and our cell network is down as a result. So while I can make outgoing calls without any difficulty, I can't receive calls - try, and you'll just get a "Network unavailable" recording. So if you need to reach me, shoot me an e-mail - chris at curiousoldlibrary.com.


Unknown said...

Fantastic job! They are certainly strikingly different. What a lot of work, but it does pay off when reading your stories. You've got me thinking about my own character designs.

Pat Bollin said...

Great stuff, Chris! I really want to sit down with you some time and look at your process.

And I look forward to seeing the new book on my shelf with the other one.

Joe Karg said...

Intense dude. Cool image!


Ruben Procopio said...

Hi Chris! Thanks for the very nice comment on my blog, I return the compliments, your work is amazing, great character designs, whimsical and fun... love the colors and your brush strokes! Look forward in meeting you too and talking shop! Thanks for the well wishes on our travel there, see you soon! Best, Ruben

Rick said...

Hey Prof. Schweitzer! Congrats on the Eisner nomination! That's AWESOME!!