Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sketch Dump

What a week! No sooner did I get back from Heroes than Liz and I started packing up our things. We've been living smack dab in the middle of Atlanta, and it's been a headache - our apartment complex had gone downhill fast, with rent climbing, extremely loud and inconsiderate neighbors, and a general lack of maintenance - a shame, considering how great it was when we first moved there two years ago.

We found a great place - half of an older duplex - that we love. We like our neighbors, we like the landlord, it's a block from a train station, we have a yard, we've got an attic, all wood floors, an extra room for my studio, and it's in Decatur, just outside Atlanta proper, right near downtown. Decatur is an AMAZING little city, with all the charm of a small town but the economy of a bigger city able to support cool specialty shops and restaurants. We're about a mile from downtown Decatur on one side and a mile from the International Farmers Market - what Epcot would be were it a grocery store - on the other. Lots of shade and trees, people out walking their dogs, jogging, pushing strollers - it's idelic. Add to that that we're close to a lot of my cartoonist friends who live in the vicinity, and it's a place just made for us.

Anyway, we moved over the weekend and are still only about half unpacked, so if I'm slow in replying to e-mails, I apologize.

I did quite a few sketches just prior to moving, but didn't have a chance to scan and post them - here they are now. None of these are any characters in particular - just drawing/coloring practice, I guess.

And here's what Mourning Star cartoonist Kaz Strzepek would look like with a handlebar moustache:

Lastly, I've been watching old X-Files episodes because the fabulously talented Lucy Knisely got me all antsy with her great series of X-Files monster drawings. I did this one, a really creepy character named Eugene Tooms, who can stretch and get into places through tiny A/C vents and the like because he's a hundred year-old hibernating genetic mutant who steals people's livers. Ewwww.


Anonymous said...

These are so much fun to look at, Chris. Great variety.

I wish I could have caught your character design talk, wherever it was that you gave it.

Feel free to post some notes on that subject anytime, here or the ISR forum! You know I'll read 'em!

Anonymous said...

Chris's character design lecture at Heroes Con in Charlotte was very illuminating. I reckon he'll be a good teacher. I wish I could articulate to you some of the extremely insightful points he made. He covered everything from how to draw a good character to what kinds of characters to include in a story. It was one of the better events I've attended at a con.
BTW-This is one great dump of sketches! I love the cuts. I am particularly fond of the sketch of the hot black woman and the drawing of Eugene Toombs, who is perhaps the creepiest of all X-Files Characters.
Also, thanks for the linkswap! I guess I can take back all the times I've insulted your honor (for now)!
Keep on Truckin'!

Chris Schweizer said...

Thanks for the kind words, Allen. And sorry it took me so long to throw your link up there... it's the sort of thing I only fix about twice a year, if that.