Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chris Wright's Inkweed

I read Inkweed yesterday. I picked up at HeroesCon, and though I've read some of the stories contained therein before, reading them in one volume was an entirely different experience - you notice reoccuring themes, rhythms... it was wonderful. I hate to use the term "literary" when describing comics, because it insinuates that other comics generally aren't... the old expressio unius exclusio alterius rule applies, and I don't mean to say that.  But something - perhaps the subject matter, perhaps the visual style, perhaps both - makes me put it more with the early twentieth century short story canon writers that with other comics. 

It's late for me, and I feel ill-equipped to delve into trying to explain my reactions to the book at this time (I'll eventually write an Amazon review, or something) but anyone who's a fan of Faulkner or Fitzgerald, pick up this book.  It's beautiful and tragic and you just feel like a better person having read it. 

Anyway, I felt like drawing one of Chris's more physically grounded characters (the designs in this book are just astounding), so here 'tis.

Chris's website is godbuckle.com  and if you want to see how far the medium can be stretched and still prove a rollicking good read, give his work a try.  He's got loads and loads of comics up for folks to read.