Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sketchin' at the Zoo

We're doing an animal anatomy class this quarter, so a whole slew of us went down to the Zoo yesterday. Allen came by before for coffee and Liz and he and I took off for the school, where we picked up Cara and David and made our way zoowards.

, Me, and Pat Bolin:

Here's a drawing:

Here's Doug, sharpening his pencil outside the Bongo enclosure:

More drawings!

Shawn Crystal's family was there, and his daughter Zoe, who at five is already quite an artist, drew a lot as well. Here's a pic of her, climbing around with a sketchpad.

Around noon, we met up to go over our drawings, while Shawn gave us feedback.

Directed to capture more action, I did these last drawings before we were rained out:

That's it for the Zoo drawings! I'm still pumping away on Crogan's Vengeance, and at the time of writing this have tightly thumbnailed out the next fifteen pages. I'm going for eighteen by the time I go to bed, and start on the pages themselves tomorrow.


NolanWoodard said...

Damn, that looks like fun! I'm hoping Laura and I will be able to join everyone while you guys are there for a weekend. Glad to see it's been so much fun!

Rich said...

Hey Chris -- great to meet you and Liz at FLUKE. Thanks for the sketch and the new books!

- Rich

EL GRANDE said...

Wow Chris! You are a crazy talent. I met you briefly at San Diego last year, but I've only just now gone through the whole blog. Very impressive stuff.


Jackie Lewis said...

I'm so gonna crash a zoo trip with you guys. Assuming, of course, that there are still field trips scheduled...