Monday, March 10, 2008

Jack Davis, Drew Weing, And Eleanor Davis - it's enough to make you feel like a scribblin' hack

First, a panel from Crogan's: the ship in rough weather.

On Thursday Allen Spetnagel, Hunter Clark, Doug Dabbs, and me packed comfortably into Allen Spetnagel's van...

and made our way to Athens, Georgia for a panel discussion on humorous illustration featuring, among other notables, EC legend Jack Davis.

Afterwards we had coffee with Drew Weing
and Eleanor Davis, and went back to their apartment for a little bit.

Seeing the book that they're working on is inspiring and very, very humbling - I really can't wait for it. It looks amazing.

I should be finished with my thumbnails and script for my contribution to David Yoder's Elephano book on Thursday, so that's a load off.