Monday, April 30, 2007

One-twelfth in!

Page 6 of "Leash."

It may not sound like a big step, but I'm excited - I am 100% finished with the first 12 pages of the 144-page graphic novel that I'm working on. It took a week. If I can keep up this schedule, I'll be done in 3 months, 4-5 if you factor in revisions and tweaks. It may take much longer than that, but once I get a stride I can usually keep it going.

In studio last Wednesday I drew a picture of Hunter, so here it is:

I'm going to be teaching two classes this summer, and assitant teaching a SCAD class. The two on my own are workshop programs that a private school in Tennessee is hosting, on teaching comics. One will be 9-13 year-olds, the other 13 and up. The SCAD class is Introduction to Sequential Art. I'm very excited about both. Alec Longstreth was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to call me with tips and project ideas that he's found to work with kids from his classes with Aaron Renier. There's no way to express how helpful the call was, and I'm sure that it'll make a BIG difference in terms of how much the kids get out of it.