Friday, April 20, 2007

Anthology City!

Here's the third page from Leash:

I did a phone interview with Charlito and Mr. Phil from Indie Spinner Rack last night (it should be up Wednesday), and they gave me some incredibly good news - I've got two pages in the upcoming Indie Spinner Rack anthology book! It's looking to be a great book, with the likes of Roger Langridge, Renee French, Chris Duffy, and tons of other amazing cartoonists contributing. I've already started flushing out the story and some loose breakdowns. It's gonna premiere at the Small Press Expo this year.

I still haven't done my pages for the FLUKE anthology, either, so I'll be tackling that as soon as these are inked.

And speaking of anthologies, I got my contributor copies of Negative Burn #10 in the mail today. Swing by your local comic shop and take a looksee.

I've started using (and really liking) this apparently rare brush pen by Pentel:

It has refillable cartridges. I ran out of ink, so I went to Binders, the very comic-artist-friendly art supply store in the area to pick up refill cartidges. You would assume that since I bought the pen there that they would carry the refills, right?
No such luck. I ordered some online (28, actually, hopefully enough to last me a while), so ideally they'll get here soon. The pen is amazing, though - you get lines almost as fine as you would using a kalinski. Plus it's portable!

I'll be manning the SCAD table at the Atlanta Comics Expo tommorow and Sunday, so if you're there, come by for a howdy.