Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Class storyboarding demos

One of the courses that I'm teaching this quarter is an animation preproduction class (Character Design and Storyboarding), and the students are doing a storyboard assignment for their final.  I did these as a demo in class to show the level of detail expected, and the amount of time it should hopefully take you.  Simple and quick, but hopefully clear in what they’re meant to communicate. 


ANDROID said...

What software do you use to create your GIF animations?

Chris Schweizer said...

Sorry to take so long to reply! I'm kind of just double-posting here, and sometimes forget to check the comments section (the new blog is croganadventures.blogspot.com ).

I use photoshop. There's an animation window (though in CS6 it's called something different... timeline, maybe) that gives you a lot of control. I didn't know about it until my students shows me; I thought you still had to do it all in After Effects. The newer versions of photoshop allow you to use sound.