Monday, October 8, 2012


Click HERE to download you own paper figure set. This week's paper figure set comes from John Wilcox's FONTHILL novels, a historical adventure series set throughout the British Empire in the late 1870s and 1880s.  I read the first book, Horns of the Buffalo, to get a flavor for the Zulu Wars that would serve as the backdrop for the upcoming Crogan Adventures audio drama "The Kimberly Pit" (coming May 15, 2013) and kept reading because, well, I liked 'em a lot.

There's a Four Feathers-esque narrative arc in the first book in which the protagonist is afraid of being afraid, and the stiffness that this creates (while essential for the longer series development) makes it a little hard to invest oneself fully in his exploits, but the supporting character/sidekick Jenkins 352 is one of the most enjoyable characters to read that I've ever happened across, right up there with Rooster Cogburn and Captain Good, and he gives you reason enough to care about what happens from the get-go.  From the second book onwards, Fonthill himself does a fine job of carrying the narrative, so Jenkins is pure bonus. Anyway, if you've the slightest inclination towards meticulously researched colonial Africa yarns, like I do, I recommend them.  They're also available in audiobook form, so if you've got an audible account, give 'em a go.

As with the other paper figure sets (available to download here, and always free), you simply download the file (on some browsers, you may need to right click and choose "save link as"), print it out, and cut and assemble them to either display or play with.  The characters aren't mine (unless they're from the Crogan Adventures books); they're the intellectual property of their respective authors.  I just make 'em as a hobby, because I like the properties. Click HERE to download you own paper figure set.