Friday, December 23, 2011

Sherlock Holmes: Dr. Watson

The second in the set of Sherlock Holmes characters, today's Baker Streetian is Dr. Watson. Back whenever I gave up doing theater out of a distaste for the amount of rehearsal time most organizations take (when I was growing up, we learned our lines and showed up for blocking - the whole months plus thing is not my bag), I still held a hope for four roles that, should the opportunity present itself in my future for me to play any of them, I'd do my best to make it happen. One of these was Dr. Watson, mostly because I thought he hadn't be played right, and I was of a mind to rectify it. Then, in the past few years, Watson has undergone a serious p.r. overhaul. Is this due to Kate Beaton's comic showcasing the discrepancies between book Watson and movie Watson? I like to think so. Whatever the cause, the two most high-profile Holmes stuff in recent years - the Robert Downey Jr movie and the BBC show - have given Watson his due. Granted, the movies don't get the dynamic right (Watson should be in awe of Holmes), but even so. It's truly Watson's decade. And, so, I can scratch Watson off my list of roles I want to do someday, as it's been done proper. Also, I ain't got time for acting!


Anonymous said...

I loved the "revitalizing" of Watson in the Guy Ritchie movies, especially the attention to detail like A) the gambling issue, B) Watson the capable war veteran, and C) Watson the capable and respected doctor.

buddy2blogger said...

As an avid Sherlockian, it is a great pleasure to read your post. It is indeed gratifying to see Watson depicted as per the Sherlock Holmes canon.