Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CAS Postcard

Well, Dragon Con was a LOT of fun.  I did far better moving books than I expected - I sold out of all of my Crogan books (which means I'm out for the rest of the year, though YOU can still get them) and about a case of sketchbooks.  And though there were quite a few folks who had, say, read the books at a library, there were a LOT of first-time readers, and in both instances most of these people were folks who I'd not met at cons before, with a few exceptions. A lot of times I'll find the same people at a lot of shows.  This was an almost entirely different crowd than the one I find at Heroes, SDCC, NYCC, etc.  Anyway, it was great to meet so many new readers!  Plus I got to see Janet Lee's amazing original art again, which is always a treat.  For those who don't know, she does her pages on inch-thick pieces of wood. I also tried my hand at a new type of art yesterday, that digital painting that looks like mid-century kid's books, or posters.  I may make a postcard of this.  Does it look okay, or should I keep at it? 


Jacob Hunt said...

I dig it, man. If anything I'd say desat the front guy's coat a touch and darken the shadows behind the collar a little bit.

Eric said...

I might either darken Catfoot or lighten Peter, as they seem to blend a little now. Otherwise, I'd be super excited to see this show up in my mailbox.

Tech Jordan said...

I agree with other Eric. Perhaps the whole thing could benefit from 'inks' - brown/red/blue lines of a darker color that give definition to the faces/bodies? Also, the text seems very flat, whereas your usual lettering style is bouncy and lively.