Friday, July 1, 2011

Steampunk Commission

Well, I just got back from a long trip - two stops in Texas, Miami, and New Orleans, hot on the heels of a visit to Kentucky and just before a trip to North Carolina and then Tennessee. Woof! I'll post some details later (maybe - I'm bad about remembering to do that sort of thing), but for now I want to offer my sincerest apologies and thanks for the patience of the many people who have ordered sketchbooks and Crogan Adventure Society memberships over the past few weeks. I've finally caught up, and just in time for the post office to close! That means that, because of Monday's holiday, everyone's stuff will go out on TUESDAY. Including a commission that slipped under the radar somehow from almost two months ago (eek!), a "steampunk guy and girl."  Here it is below:

(click the image for a full-sized version) The drawing was done at 5x7."  I'm putting more details in my inks these days.  My thanks to Robyn for her patience!


Unknown said...

Love the detailed inks!

Anonymous said...

Fishnets are awesome.

Anonymous said...

my son just received his c.a.s. packet today -- thanks! he's fully engrossed in reading. i hope you can try to remember to post when you'll be in tennessee, and where. if it's open to the public, we'd love to attend if we're there at the same time (mid-august).
sara, josiah's mom