Monday, May 2, 2011

"Buried Treasure" page 1 pencils

The Dollar Bin is putting out an anthology at HeroesCon called "Buried Treasure," and asked if I'd do a story.  I said yes. Here are the pencils for the first page:

To get a sense of the foliage. I bought the Crusoe TV series.  I was going to go to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, but it cost almost twice as much, and as I wasn't sure that they'd have what I needed I opted for the cheaper avenue.  It really bothers me that nothing in Atlanta, ostensibly a legit metropolis, is free to the public.  The zoo, the aquarium, the museums, the gardens, etc... all are fairly expensive (usually near twenty bucks for a ticket, sometimes substantially more).  Though it's a pirate story, there won't be any ships or ocean.  But it does set the scene for the next book with Catfoot in it.


Tamfos said...

Something else I have to buy. Very nice.

Unknown said...

It may seem cheap, but sometimes museums give a "suggested donation". I sometimes ask, "Is it okay if I give less?" Sometimes that is okay, especially for poor art teachers with five kids. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! It bothers me that Chattanooga has a better children's museum and a better aquarium. Yes I said it. Why? In Atlanta, they're really for visitors-- Chattanooga's were made for their residents (you can do Atl. in a day, their priced to pay once, etc.)

But I do like the zoo. It's a really good one.

Si said...

Well, the foliage is still looking great! I always think of Red Rackham's Treasure when i think of tropical foliage, Herge did such a great job with that deserted island of his