Monday, March 7, 2011

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Also, Columbus!

First off, here's a picture that I penciled forever ago but finally inked.  I did it with the idea of approaching it like an old pulp illustration, taking up part of the page but using sections of the negative space to allow for text placement.  Anyway, the Shadow!

(Click the above image for a full-sized version) I'm inking quite a few unfinished drawings for the sketchbook.  I have 170 of the 184 pages laid out - and I still have a lot that I want in there, so I'm gonna have to do some trimming soon.  Maybe shrink down some of the pin-ups to have more than one per page, or eliminate some of the not-as-good-as-others sketchbook scans. In appearances-related news, I'll be in Ohio in a couple of weeks, talking at Northern Kentucky University (which is technically KY but minutes from Cincinnati), visiting the Cartoon Library at OSU, and doing a SIGNING IN COLUMBUS AT THE LAUGHING OGRE ON FRIDAY MARCH 18 FROM 4 to 8.  If you're in Columbus, come by!  Just a reminder, Adventure Society members get something free!  Don't know what yet, but something.  Also, the Small Press and Comics Expo is that Saturday, so I'll drop by there for a bit on Saturday before taking off for home.  I'll be announcing other appearances later this week - just have to check with one first and make sure it's public.