Tuesday, December 7, 2010

China Sailor

Here's a guy I drew a few days ago - a costume study for a US shore patrol sailor in 1920s China.

Click the image for a full-sized version. When I was a really little kid, out next door neighbor had old Navy tattoos that had turned blue-green with age, so I always like to throw that color down when I can.  A big reason why I don't have any tattoos myself is that now they're "better" and won't age in such a way, which to me is like buying leather that won't scuff and shine.  What's the point?


Eric said...

I note that this drawing is in color, whereas the others haven't...considering color for the next Crogan's?

Chris Schweizer said...

No - there's always the chance that foreign translations might be colorized, and possibly even domestic ones sometime way down the road, but the books themselves, upon their release as part of the series, will always be black and white.

But I do love doing sketches like this. I color them less often than I otherwise might because I know that, when these drawings are collected into a sketchbook (which I plan to do for next Summer), they'll be printed in black and white, and I hate to be attached to a colored version of something knowing that it will have to regress.