Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Countdown: T-6, I think

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love dressing in costumes, I love being spooked... but for the last four or five years, I haven't been able to enjoy Halloween.  Fall is my busiest time of year, and the first three weeks of October are my busiest three weeks of the year.  By the time I've crested that hump, I'm too far behind with correspondence and work to even think about Halloween.  So this year, I thought about it in mid-September!  That's right, I gave myself an early Halloween.  I read scary books.  I watched scary movies.  I drew these things. Though I was supposed to start putting these up a few days ago for a "Halloween Countdown," I was too busy.  We just had our Arts Forum at the school, and this year our guests were Stan Sakai, Eric Canete, and Skottie Young.  A wonderful opportunity for the students, but one that kept me from posting when I meant to.  Anyway, for the next couple of days, you get TWO drawings instead of just one.  And now... TERRIBLE ANCIENT THINGS Psuedo-Lovecraftian Monster Drawings (As always, click on the image to see a full-sized version)

Keep checking back each morning for more TERRIBLE MONSTERS (I know the first one ain't a monster.  It's a mood-setter!).