Sunday, September 26, 2010


Sorry for not posting in so long!  I've got a sort of good reason(?).  I've been doing drawings that I plan to post in late October for Halloween, and the other drawings I've been doing are for the Crogan Adventure Society newsletter.  So I've had nothing to show!  But here's my take on E.C. Segar's Popeye.

New York Comic Con in a couple of weeks!


Eric said...

Great interpretation! Obviously Popeye, but definitively Schweizer. If that makes sense.

I keep resisting buying those Fantagraphics collections. My brain and heart both say yes, but the moths that cartoonishly fly from my empty wallet disagree.

Chris Schweizer said...

I've gotten the first two. They really are excellent books, both in content and production values/design. I'll pick up the second two in new York if Fantagraphics does that 50% off on Sunday sale they do at San Diego. Otherwise, it might be a while (for the same reasons!).

Odyzeus! said...

Nice Popeye. Where's the Jeep, though? Love to see that little fella Schweizer-ized.