Friday, July 23, 2010

Some environmental designs

Yesterday I finished a scene in Crogan's Loyalty, and held off on writing the dialogue for the next one because I knew I had a long car drive today, and that's the best time to work on that sort of thing. So I drew some environmental designs for something I've been kicking around... less a story than a general idea.

 (Click for a big version) With the new Crogan story I'm basically moving nonstop through the wilderness, and I'm putting a lot of effort into the environments, but there's not a great deal of design going on, more of a tweaked depiction of nature.  In my sketchbooks I've been approaching environmental design from a more functional standpoint, thinking about how specific actions and scenes will play out on them, and being confined to them as more of a stage.  It's the way I appoach design for animation, but rarely for comics.  I'm curious as to how it might work for the latter.  The next book (featuring Daniel Crogan) should give me the opportunity to try it out a bit.  I dabbled with it some in March, with the fort, but I want to push it further.  With these, I was looking at it the way I'd imagine toys as a kid, what I'd want in a playset.  That's not a bad starting point, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

This makes me wanna watch INDIANA JONES movies. Awesome, can't wait.

Sean McGowan said...

These look great!

John Vu said...

Looks wonderful and very thought out. Any reason why you used apes in stead of any other animal?

Chris Schweizer said...

I've just always had an inclination towards that King Kong/Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family/Congo/Mighty Joe Young, the idea of giant apes being worshiped, or of intelligent apes building their own cities, or something. There's always been something about it, pulpy but with just enough plausibility to suspend disbelief.