Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crogan's Vengeance on the Way

First thing - this picture, of a bunch of Green Gang fellas storming the as-yet-unnamed tramp steamer.

 (Click on the picture above for a bigger image) This is one of a series of ten-twelve drawings I was thinking of doing for a mini-comic sketchbook, each a scene from the life of Daniel Crogan, the Lion-Tamer/Escape Artist who will be the protagonist in the fourth Crogan Adventure book.  I've penciled a few of the other ones; my hope was to have it by HeroesCon, but that probably won't happen. The other thing I wanted to note is that the shipment of Crogan's Vengeance's second printing was delayed by Diamond from China.  I've been telling everyone that it would be available by this week, but that was back when I thought it was shipping out on the 7th; as it is, it won't be leaving until the 26th.  But two-three weeks after that it SHOULD be available for sale from your local book or comic store, distributors Diamond, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and online bookstores like Amazon.  I'm really sorry this has been unavailable for so long, and appreciate everyone's patience and enthusiasm about getting a hold of one, and know that it WILL be available soon.  I've been told that I definitely will have copies at HeroesCon, which I'm really, REALLY looking forward to!