Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Interview - and Some Reviews

First, I have an interview with ACME COMICS, a store in North Carolina at which I'm doing a signing in March. Give it a read! Secondly, the reviews of Crogan's March have been popping up.  Give them a read, too! School Library Journal Kleefeld on Comics Newsarama Graphic Novel Reporter Innocent Bystander Geek Girl on the Street Also, here's a drawing, so that this isn't too boring a post! 

 (click on the picture for a bigger version of the same picture) One of the Crogan Adventure Society agents requested a drawing of Matthew Crogan, a character whom I haven't done much sketching with.  After finishing his, I was warmed up, and decided to do a drawing of him standing next to Sir Harry Flashman, the main character in George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman Papers series, the reason I'm doing historical fiction in the first place.  Since both characters are in India at the same time, I figured, aw, heck, why not draw 'em enjoying a drink together?


Anonymous said...

Great interview with ACME, Chris! It's fun to hear how Crogan's came about. I also like your comments on the smokers of the Marvel Universe. Good luck at the signing!

Unknown said...

Very glad to read all the awesome reviews Chris, congrats! Quick question, when is the next issue of the newsletter due to be sent? ;)

Chris Schweizer said...

April 1st is when I'll be mailing it off.

The newsletters will be mailed each Jan 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st.

Jon Burr said...

Ahoy there, Chris! I'm the handsome fellow you met at HeroesCon who walked away with the Innsmouth and Marvel Smokers prints, if your memory can withstand the Conslaught. We spoke a bit on Flashman and, I must say, you should make this a print, as well. We Flashman fans are legion and I think it would make quite the hot item.