Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Couple of Sketches

First off, thanks to all those who joined the Crogan Adventure Society!  With the exception of the handful who got e-mails from me earlier this week, all of your packets have been mailed off and should arrive to you by today (except maybe you Brits - not sure exactly how long it takes first class mail to get out your way). Back at HeroesCon, Guy Davis was nice enough to pass on a couple of his sketchbooks to me.  They were incredible.  I quickly started seeking out his work, of which I was already a big admirer, including all the B.P.R.D. trades I could get my mitts on.  I generally tend to avoid team books - to me its a rarity when there's a uniformity of artistic vision - but Davis, Acardi, and Stewart have it nailed.  These are some of the consistently best comics being made today, full of all sorts of the pulpy stuff I love.  It got me keen on the characters pretty quickly, and I did a few sketches of the characters.  Here's one, Captain Ben Daimo:

I've also been re-reading and re-watching my Sherlock Holmes books and movies, mostly as a result of all the brewhaha of the new film.  I'm extremely keen to see it, but haven't yet - trying to cut back on expenditures.  But here's a pic to keep me in good spirits 'til it gets to redbox: 


Anonymous said...

Hey, Chris!
I was surprised to find Guy Davis artwork in some SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE back issues at an antique store yesterday. It's like he has always been there since the beginning of time, and is only now coming into acclaim. I'll have to show you some of my surprising acquisitions! Guy Davis rocks!

Comic Tools said...

That's a great Daimo. Dude, the first issue of King of fear is the best comic to come out this year. Guy Davis is so good it hurts my teeth.

Unknown said...

I also started rereading Sherlock stuff after watching the movie, Great Stuff! The movie is very different but I liked it a whole lot but be aware that the accents are there fairly strong along with fast speaking

Unknown said...

Love his work on Nevermen, especially the first mini-series. Reminded me a lot of the creepy moodiness of "Dark City", only, well, good.

Got the newsletter, loved the Hessian - looking forward to new "Loyalty" concept sketches!

Anonymous said...

That guy with the ear missing makes me really happy.