Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Comics Journal #300 out now

 The Comics Journal's big 300th issue special is out now (or will be this week), so pick it up! This issue is a collection of interviews - an "established, influential creator" (Art Spiegelman, Dave Gibbons, Jaime Hernandez, David Mazzuchelli, etc) talks with a "rising star" (Matt Fraction, Dash Shaw, Sammy Harkham, Frank Quitely, etc) about the differences in their approach to comics as a result of the generational shifts and advantages. I was lucky enough to be asked to do a back-and-forth with Stan Sakai, one of my all-time favorite cartoonists. Stan is genuinely one of the nicest, supportive, and patient people that I've ever met, and it was a real pleasure getting to be put in a situation where I could ask a lot of nit-picky questions that I'd otherwise never do. It's a fascinating interview if you're familiar with Stan's work, and if you're not, it's a great place to get a general idea as to what he's all about. Plus, there's some stuff about me, if you're interested. The interview runs for 16 pages, and is found from pages 220-235. The whole issue is a fascinating read. If you're at all familiar with comics, you'll know that these are some of the most respected folks in the medium, and to get to have these great Hitchcock/Truffaut style segments is a real treat for any comics scholar. You can pick it up at your local comics store, at Barnes and Noble, on Amazon, etc.


Anonymous said...

I've got a copy reserved at Oxford Comics! I can't wait to read it! Also, it is TCJ's LAST REGULAR ISSUE, according to Fantagraphics. They are going to web format, and will publish a magazine quarterly (or something like that). So, for those of us who still collect things for fun, it will be all the more special.

Unknown said...

Great article - it's interesting that the Crogan Adventures sprang from an intellectual exercise connecting a pirate to a pilot. Really great anecdotes from Stan, too. Fascinating look inside both of your processes.