Sunday, June 14, 2009

Promotional Banner for San Diego

My editor, James, called me Friday to ask if I could put together an image for a banner for San Diego Comic Con, something to promote the entire Crogan Adventures series. So I've been working on it or the last couple of days - something that showcases the variety of periods, the adventure, the exotic locales, etc. Hopefully, this does the job. Here's the big image:

 And, because the blog only allows for smaller images, here are some close-ups of the details:
 Junichi and Calloway
 The tramp steamer (whose name I haven't completely settled on yet, so it's absent from the hull) amidst some junks and sampans in China
 a Tuareg raider attacking Peter
 Daniel, upside-down. 
 Whenever I've got spare time I've been working on a larger commission work - all of the Crogan characters together - and I thought that maybe I'd be able to use it for the banner, but the dimensions were wrong, and as it's meant to be really big and viewed from a distance James thought it better to have a montage-type thing. I'll be at HeroesCon this upcoming weekend - I won't have anything new to sell, save for original art (a post about that, and my Heroes "rules", in a day or so).


Sean McGowan said...

It looks great! I look forward to seeing it in person.

Anonymous said...

Chris, this looks fantastic!

The tramp steamer alone is jaw-dropping. Beautiful stuff.

Dan said...

It's a shame I won't make it to SD to see this sucker 6ft tall, Chris. Fantastic stuff.