Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Comic Book Day This Weekend!

If anybody lives in the Carolinas (or, ostensibly, Eastern Georgia), you should make a trip out to one of the World's best comic shops, HEROES AREN'T HARD TO FIND, in Charlotte on Saturday for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. I'll be there, doing signings and free sketches, and so will 13 other really great artists: MARK BROOKS (Spider-Man) CHRIS BRUNNER (Gotham Central) IAN FLYNN (Sonic) SANFORD GREENE (Method Man GN) CULLY HAMNER (The Question) ADAM HUGHES (Wonder Woman) JASON LATOUR (Loose Ends) PAT QUINN (Pretty much any title ever published, including a lot of recent work on The Phantom) BUDD ROOT (Cavewoman) ANDY SMITH (Dean Koontz' Frankenstein) ALLISON SOHN (Star Wars trading cards) BRIAN STELFREEZE (The Ride) KARL STORY (Tom Strong) They'll have copies of Crogan's Vengeance for sale, which I'll be happy to sketch in, and if you've got kids in the area, please, bring 'em out! Here's a page from the new book. Sorry it's so small. 


Pat Bollin said...

This is awesome Chris! Your drawing skills are really shining here.

NolanWoodard said...

Wow, this feels overall more polished and solid. Can't wait to read the second installment!

Hope NC was fun!

Brandon Padgett said...

It was great meeting you @ Heroes today Chris! I really appreciate you taking the time to talk shop and especially about your characters. The highlight of an incredible day was the great sketch you did of ol' Catfoot on the Vengeance for me...fantastic! Had a great time and I hope to see you at Heroes Con in a few months!

Brandon/Big Dog

btw...we need to talk soundtracks some more, I have well over 100!

Dan said...

See, this right here is the kind of page you want hanging on your wall. Nice lush, highly detailed cityscape in one panel, multilayered, eye pleasing depth in the other. Great stuff man. Good to see you again this weekend, everybody that sees the EC Old Witch you did for me raves about it. I'll get it scanned and posted soon, then I'll send a link along so that all can bask in it's greatness. Thanks man, keep up the fantastic work!