Saturday, March 28, 2009

My friend's new project is out

Hey, everybody. I'm currently hammering away on Crogan's March, trying to get this scene finished by the upcoming weekend so as to have it to show folks at Fluke, and in the meantime I wanted to steer you toward a title you might want to pick up. Shawn Crystal, a good friend with whom I share an office at SCAD-Atlanta, has started a run on the Marvel series Deadpool, beginning with a pretty sizeable stand-alone story called Deadpool: Games of Death. For those unfamiliar with the character (like I was), Deadpool is a sort of rogueish, smart-alecky assassin, and the stories tend to be action/comedy. This paticular story plays very heavily off of old martial movies movies, with Deadpool infiltrating a last-man-standing reality show/death match. It was great fun watching him work on this project, and I'm excited now that it's out. The colors are great, and play to Shawn's aesthetic, which is this nice mix of cartooning and traditional super-hero style comic art with meticullous inkwork.

 (some images from the comic) Shawn's an incredible professor and a great comic artist, so if you're curious as to what some of the other faculty at Scad-Atlanta are up do, this is a chance to check it out. I'll have more updates soon, I promise!


Unknown said...

The Deadpool stuff looks interesting. I'll keep an eye out for it at our local comic shop.

Dan said...

Speaking of Mr.Crystal, I see the two of you will be returning to Charlotte in May. As a fan, I'd like to thank you for taking the time out to do the event again. I know I'm really looking forward to it and am hoping you might consider doing a Vault Keeper or Old Witch (eating cereal of course)to match the fabulous Crypt Keeper illo you were kind enough to do for me last year. Do you plan on having any copies of the first Crogan with you, and have you considered doing a sketchbook for this years con season? If you do, it would be really cool to see some of your 12 Days of Christmas and Marvel Smokers pieces in it. Thanks again!

Chris Schweizer said...

We're glad to do it! Heroes is one of the few comic stores that I think really understands how to reach out to a wide audience, introducing new readers to comics in the process, and I'm glad to be able to help with that outreach.
I'll be happy to do the vaultkeeper in your sketchbook - just bring some reference. I can remember the Cryptkeeper's appearance, but my vaultkeeper would likely end up being unintentionally generic without something to go by.
I'll have something in th way of sketchbooks, I expect - I'll have the Marvel Smokers as an 11x17 print, and Heroes will have Crogan's Vengeance on hand, I expect, which I'd be happy to sign. Look forward to seeing you there!

Shawn Crystal said...

Thanks so much for the great write up, kind words, and shameless plug for me. :)