Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twelve Days of Christmas T-1: The Wet Bandits

You know, drawing these guys, I just cringed. Ouch! I was going to draw the old man, but I don't have the DVD and google image search wasn't particularly helpful. I'm kid of glad - figuring how to work the iron scar in with flat colors was challenge.

 Well, that's it! Have a Merry Christmas, everyone! Hohoho!


Unknown said...

OUch! It hurts just to look at that!

I thought you might end with the babe in the manger!

Chris Schweizer said...

I thought about it, but I'd already done one nativity-specific character, and wanted to keep all of them separate. I was too excited to do Balthazar early on!

Pat Bollin said...

This is awesome! Instantly recognizable caricatures, and I'm rally enjoying your line and color technique.

Wook Jin Clark said...

wow, that is awesome! daniel stern looks really gross too! im also glad you went with the wet bandits, and not the sticky bandits.

A. Bullett said...

Is that Kevin Burkhalter?