Thursday, June 12, 2008

Usagi Yojimbo + Postcard

I figured out what to do with the squid pic... I made it into a postcard, complete with place on the back for writing and stamps and the like. I'll have 'em at Heroes.
They're slightly bigger than a regular sized postcard, but not by much:

And here's a pic of Usagi I did, for funsies. Anyone not reading Usagi Yojimbo should be. It's easily one of the best comics of all times.

That's it. Also, Lucy Knisely's X-Files drawing series has got me fondly remembering the early episodes, so I just rangled season 1 to rewatch... maybe I'll contribute to the challenge once I remind myself of some of the good characters.


Shawn Crystal said...

Lookin SOLID Chris!

Chris said...

am not a LJ mamber so I will post a link to mine, X-Files artwork

That Usagi looks awesome!

Cara M said...

Dude, awesome stuff as always. I'm totally snagging one of those Postcards next week.
Also, random fun fact: You're searchable in the Borders Book Database 8D I was checking to see if Crogans was listed in there yet, and sure enough, it is! You're also listed under the Jumper book XD I was amused.

Anonymous said...

There was an X-files book by Topps that used the Kelly Goblins in it too.

Chris Schweizer said...

I remember that comic! Still have it somewhere, I think.

I grew up only about ten miles from Kelly, and so when that comic came out the town was all a-flutter. The newpaper even did a story about it - "Scully and Mulder investigate Christian County," or something like that.

We had a great little comic store back then right by our school, and we went in droves to get copies of it.

Doctor Fantastic said...

Chris, I'm going to buy every Crogan's you publish. I had a great time meeting you this weekend-- thanks so much for my Hussar sketch!