Friday, July 6, 2007

Kentucky, Here We Come!

Well, I'm getting my stuff together today to head up to Kentucky for the Making Comics workshop. I'm excited - there are 11 students, ranging from 3rd graders through 10th graders. I'd be concerned that the big spectrum of age would be a hindrance, but I think that it's a small enough class that we should be able to keep everyone interested and challenged. I'm making handouts drawing attention to some of the more important aspects of comics-making: balloon placement, simplified emotions, reading direction, etc - I may put them together as a mini when it's all over with. Who knows? Maybe I'll have it at San Diego, or I may try to expand it into something longer.

Dusty at Heroes Aren't Hard To Find has offered me a place in Indie Island at Heroes Con next year, which I'm really excited about - I had a great time at Heroes, and am looking forward to having another go at it. To give him a promo image, I decided to color a panel from Crogan's Vengeance, so here it is.

I also finished that Usagi Yojimbo drawing a few days back. Here's a glimpse of it:

I've packed up my computer, printers, scanner, guitar, some fencing equipment, and lots of books and supplies, and Liz is going to, so we'll have to see if we can fit into the car. Can't wait to see all the Kentucky and Tennessee people!


Unknown said...

You should show that Usagi drawing to Stan Sakai -- he would love it!