Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dragon Con, and a drawing

I've been invited to be a guest at Dragon*Con this year.  I've never been to Dragon Con, even though it's an Atlanta show and I've lived here for, what, half a decade?  So, yay! 

Here's a drawing to celebrate.

I'm actually doing a lot of shows and signings in the near future.  I've finally updated my appearances page, if you're interested:


Shawn Crystal said...

DUDE!! SO SO Awesome! You're environments are ROCKIN!

Keenan said...

Is this a Star Wars scene? It sure looks like it!

Chris Schweizer said...

It is - I penciled it back when I was doing all of those Star Wars drawings. I'm just now getting around to inking a bunch of pin-ups that have just been sitting on my desk for weeks.

Pat Bollin said...

Flawless perspective! So much action, and dido to what Shawn said.

Brandon said...

Chris, long time no type - glad to see you and the family and all of the sketched Kroganites are doing amazing. I may drop in at DragonCon...if so, I will definitely make it a pointed effort to drop in at your table!