Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cover Illustration for Sketchbook

I tried to start lettering the sketchbook today, but I kept nodding off again and again at the drawing board - a rare unpleasant side effect of having a little one (specifically, one who desires company in the wee hours... though in fairness offering such company is heartwarming enterprise).  I did get my cover illustration inked, however.  It took a few passes, as I kept tossing out attempts.  I thank everyone who suggested the thumbnail for this one, but it was not an easy drawing.  I may have been harder on it for the weight it has to carry, but I'm pleased enough in the end.

Click the image for a full-sized version


Chad! said...

looks fantastic! I can't wait to have my hands on this book.

Odyzeus! said...

Sweet! But where's the Jeep?

MAX said...

I think this was a good choice for the cover, and it contains a lot of really excellent design choices. I really enjoy the fact that all but the very tip of the rope is in silhouette, the sword shadows across the helmets, and the composition achieves its goal as a cover and entices the reader to continue. Well done sir. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Andrea Calisi said...