Thursday, December 15, 2011

TRUE GRIT #1: Everything is Against Me

This week: TRUE GRIT! Also, probably, Sherlock Holmes. I did a bunch of Sherlock Holmes drawings, and as I'll be seeing the new movie tonight with a batch of comic folk I may be in a Sherlocky mood. But I've just read Charles Portis' TRUE GRIT, then reread it as an audiobook (wonderfully narrated by Donna Tart), and am on road to reading it again, between rereading my Annotated Sherlock Holmes. TRUE GRIT is a darn fine book, and I'm not ashamed to say that it was the Coen Brothers' excellent adaptation that finally got me around to reading it. It's becoming a favorite, and my first pick as a gift for any preteen girl relatives who like reading (I just gave up one copy, and ordered a couple more in reserve).

 Anyway, I did a batch of pictures of some of the characters, based as close as I could to the descriptions offered in the prose, and figured on posting them up.


Unknown said...

I loved the new movie and prefer it over the John Wayne. I also enjoyed the book very much, and in my mind's eye I seemed to veer back and forth between the two movies.

It is an excellent book. In the preface of my copy, someone speculated that it would be much more revered if it had not been for the John Wayne movie.

Netherland said...

John Wayne has nothing to fear. This new "True Grit" is no competition to the old one. It's not even the same story, although the essentials are identical. Bridges gives a good performance, but the Duke wins. And the new girl is OK, but I definitely prefer KJim Darby. Matt Damon is clearly better than Glen Campbell, but who isn't, as an actor I mean. The photography in this one is a winner too.