Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sherlock Holmes: Colonel Moran

The 2nd most dangerous man in London!


Anonymous said...

I've really been enjoying these, just curious on this one as to what's going on with the jacket, it appears to be extending up above where the shoulders meet the neck.

Chris Schweizer said...

It's my attempt to give him a kind of vulture-like appearance, with the neck set forward a bit on the chest, as though he's jutting his head forward a bit. I probably didn't pull it off as well as I meant to.

Anonymous said...

I see what's happening now, the color of the shaded collar was blending into the white background on my screen and the lack of delineation made it appear as if the jacket is up to high and the head is simply floating there. Thanks for the clarification, I was genuinely confused. Great work otherwise though, love your blog.