Monday, April 18, 2011

Sketchbook Covers

The sketchbook files are all finally done!  I have to put them in order with the proper amount of space for spine allowances, but hey, the hard part's finished!  It goes to press on Wednesday, I think.  My colleague and all-around amazing artist Nolan Woodard colored the covers, and got 'em back to me, despite the fact that I just gave him the files and he's in the middle of a move into a new house with his pregnant wife.  He's a great colorist - works regularly for Boom, does stuff for Marvel... he's also a great comic artist, doing Star Wars cards for Topps as well as commissions when time allows.  Check him out!

Here's the front:

and here's the back:
Click images for full-sized versions I'll be making the book for sale through Amazon and, hopefully, Diamond.  Some details: 184 page softcover, $19.95, 8.5"x11." Now, here's a special deal for any paid Crogan Adventure Society agents (limited to those who purchased their membership before April of 2011): If you are going to HeroesCon, you can pick up the book from me directly.  Show me your membership card, and you get the book for FIVE DOLLARS.  That's a seventy-five percent discount.  See?  I told you there'd be perks!  If you're an agent but can't make it to Heroes, I'll be sending out copies around the same weekend, also signed, for TEN DOLLARS.  You'll pay no shipping (that's where the price discrepancy comes in) if you live in the states; international may require additional shipping.  I hope you'll consider the discount a thanks for supporting the Crogan Adventures through your membership. For everyone else, the book will be available at the regular $19.95 price - around the price you'll pay for most sketchbooks, but much, much longer than the average, I'd reckon.  Maybe not as good, but bigger. More details to come.  I should've gone to bed three hours ago.  Maybe I'll pull an all-nighter.  Woof.  


Odyzeus! said...

I'm not gonna lie to you, Chris. This looks absolutely great. However... where's the Jeep?

Sorry. I'm just not ready to let go.

Craig Zablo said...

Now THAT is a great discount!

Unknown said...

How would I go about ordering a sketchbook from you at the 10 price range?

Chris Schweizer said...

I'll be posting a paypal button in a couple of weeks, with details.

Darnell said...

Hey Chris! Congrats on the sketchbook! Looking good!